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STANIAN TRANSPORT has fulfilled a promise made to a trucker’s son before he was tragically killed.

Danny Adams was crushed to death by a reversing truck in May last year and the logistics firm stepped into fulfil the 63 year old’s promise to his son Alfie, that he would chauffeur him to his high school prom in the cab of his lorry.

The 15 year old dreamed of following in his Lancashire dad’s footsteps as a lorry driver.

After Danny died, Stanian offered to drive Alfie and his friend Ethan to their school prom as his dad had promised, arriving to collect him in tailor-made trucks decked out in black, depicting the movies The Expendables and The Dark Knight.

Alfie said: “I am obviously touched by the gesture from Stanian’s and we have known them for a while.

“The night was extra special for me  and I am very grateful to them for their help, with my dad unfortunately unable to be here.”

Phil Stanian, managing director of Stanian Transport, said: “I had known Danny for a long time and worked with him and it was a great shock to see him pass on.

“I was glad to help, and would have done so even if Danny was still alive and he asked me. That is what you do for good friends.”

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