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BLACK CAB SEX pervert John Worboys has been denied parole after the High Court ruled in favour of his victims who argued he was not safe to release from prison.

The decision came after three senior judges said the decision by the Parole Board to free the rapist had been taken improperly.

The Parole Board’s chairman, Nick Hardwick, has since been sacked by the Justice Secretary for a number of mistakes relating to the case which had made his position untenable.

The decision by the High Court means that Worboys (60) who was due to be freed within a number of days, will now stay behind bars, potentially for many more years.

One of two female victims who had brought the legal challenge was in court to hear the decision and said: “I am thrilled. We have the right result. But, I am also angry that I have been put in a position where we keep on having to come back to court. He should stay in prison.”

London mayor Sadiq Khan had launched a separate challenge to the Parole Board decision and commenting on the High Court ruling, said: “The shocking failures in the way in which John Worboys’ victims were treated has damaged confidence in the criminal justice system and time has come for transparency surrounding decisions to let offenders out of prison.”

A new Parole Board hearing will now be convened and could in theory release the taxi sex attacker from prison. But, it will most likely cite the High Court judgement as a reason to rule that he is still a danger to the public and must stay behind bars.


Sir Brian Leveson / Image:

Sir Brian Leveson announced the ruling of the panel of judges and said the Parole Board had been wrong to base its assessment of Worboys only on his explantation for the 19 offences he was convicted of and not the other 100-plus allegations made against him.

Sir Brian added: “The Parole Board should have undertaken further inquiry into the circumstances of his offending and in particular, the extent to which the limited way in which he (Worboys) described his offending may undermine his overall credibility. That is so, even in relation to the offences of which he was convicted, let alone any other alleged offences.”

The former taxi driver was given an indeterminate prison sentence in 2009 after he was found guilty at Croydon Crown Court of 19 offences, including one rape and a number of sex attacks, against 12 women.

Worboys attacked his passengers, usually lone women late at night, after giving them spiked drinks and a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said it was possible he allegedly assaulted over 100 women.

The Parole Board decided to release Worboys after serving nine years in prison because it ruled he had been “open and honest” about his offending.


The Parole Board has come under fire

The High Court ruled however against the decision after two of his victims, known as DSD and NBV, argued the Board had based its ruling on flawed evidence.

Barrister Phillipa Kaufman, for the victims, argued that Worboys had not been honest. She said he had lied when he said the trigger for the attacks had been a split from a girlfriend in 2005 because the first attacks had occurred three years earlier.

Ms Kaufman also told the High Court that Worboys, now known as John Radford, had kept a diary in prison in which he wrote about a, “natural, primal instinct’ in being sexually attracted to scantily clad women.

Commenting on the departure of Parole Board chairman Nick Hardwick, Justice Secretary David Gauke said:

I accept professor Hardwick’s resignation and believe this is the correct decision in light of the serious failings outlined in the judgement by the High Court.

Hardwick praised the “courage and tenacity” of the two women and said he would not “pass the buck”, although did say his dismissal raised question about the Board’s independence.

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