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DAMNING ACCUSATIONS have appeared on a left-wing internet blog site accusing Transport for London (TfL) of turning a blind eye to Uber allegedly operating outside the law in the winter of 2013.

Journalist Tim Fenton (60) writes on the zelo-street blogspot and has claimed that TfL bosses ignored the results of a compliance visit by senior manager Cliff Llewellyn who threatened enforcement action against Uber and possible licence revocation if immediate action was not taken.


Cliff Llewellyn (above centre with glasses)

According to Fenton, Mr Llewellyn wrote to Uber London boss Jo Bertram in December 2013 and listed compliance issues that, “require your urgent attention”. These allegedly included:

  • Clarification of the legal entity between Uber BV and Uber London Limited.
  • Which company will be making the provision, acceptance and the undertaking of PHV bookings, once Point (1) has been addressed?
  • Review of the Uber website to reflect the London legislation.
  • The charging of a fare using a Time x Distance device which is in contravention of the 1998 Act
  • Review of your sub-contraing processes to reflect that all bookings go through the sub-contactor and not directly to the driver

Fenton said Mr Llewellyn’s deadline for Uber to take action, December 23 2013, came and went without any compliance issues being addressed, even though his report concluded: “If they (Uber) fail to comply within a reasonable time period, then enforcement action is the only option.”

What happened next? According to Fenton: “Uber by-passed Cliff Llewellyn, went to the Foreign Office, who went to Downing Street, who roped in the Department for Trade, who appear to have put the arm on TfL’s top brass to let Uber carry on anyway”. TfL and Uber have yet to comment on the allegations and Fenton’s full article can be read at: zelo-street.blogspot.

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