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TAXI DRIVERS IN Bareilly have accused the local police of stopping them from driving into the north Indian city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The cabbies have submitted a letter of complaint to a magistrates court, alleging that officers and officials, “exploit them”.

Taxi driver Munna Khan said:

Our vehicles are often stopped on the outskirts of the city, despite us having proper taxi documents. The officers do not even care to check these documents and straight away seize the vehicles and impose a hefty fine on us. They also physically assault us sometimes.

I have been driving taxis for over 20 years and this is my only source of income. But, our livelihoods have been hit and the officials concerned are not the least bit bothered about it.

Transport police officer Mr Chaurasiya claims however it is the taxi drivers to blame, because they are breaking the law. He said: “We do not seize vehicles unnecessarily. They are seized because of traffic rules and regulations.

“The taxi drivers have a region permit to only work in certain locations but they are often caught plying for hire on the city roads, which is a violation of their contract carriage licence.”

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