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THE UNITED Cabbies Group (UCG) left their black cabs at home and staged a drivers’ ‘foot protest’ outside the home of the prime minister at what they claim is the non-enforcement of private hire regulations by Transport for London (TfL).

The taxi drivers unfurled their banners outside the BBC in Regent Street and were joined by fellow demonstrators in Trafalgar Square, before marching on to Downing Street and TfL’s headquarters in Victoria Street.

A spokesman for the UCG said:

London taxi drivers have once again taken to the streets, to air their grievance over the government’s interference in the cab trade’s regulatory affairs. Some very sensible proposals were put forward by the regulator, yet they have been quashed by the government.

“As a result, passengers find themselves been driven by people with practically no experience and of a dubious character. Naturally, this has angered decent, hard-working London taxi drivers who pay their taxes and confirm to the strict rules and regulations of the trade.”

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