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A SAN FRANCISCO Uber passenger has accused his driver of chasing a van which allegedly knocked down and killed a local resident.

Fifty two year Jason West claimed the two drivers “exchanged honks” in the Tenderloin area of the city and then drove at high speed for 15 minutes along rainy streets in the dead of night.

San Francisco native Michael Gilmore (56) was, according to family and friends, getting his life back together after a period of “hard times and homelessness” when he was knocked down and killed at the junction of Ellis Street and Leavenworth Street.

Mr West claimed that Uber and its insurance company offered to pay him thousands of dollars to release Uber from any liability and to keep the deal confidential. Uber representatives said the offer was routine legal practice.

Mr West said:

No one knows what I know. That this was a road-rage incident involving an Uber driver. This did not have to happen. Mr Gilmore did not have to die.

Uber driver Omar Dahmash denied West’s account of the pursuit and said that while a collision did take place between his Mercedes and a Dodge van, it was West who told him to chase after the vehicle.

A San Francisco police spokesman said that Uber had not been accused of any wrongdoing and that the driver of the van had yet to be identified and remained at large.

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