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A WASHINGTON SUPERIOR Court jury has acquitted six people on charges of rioting and destruction of property on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day on 29 January 2017.

The court was told that on the day of the riot, a limousine owned by Muhammad Ashraf, boss of Nationwide Chauffeured Services, had been vandalised and set on fire by persons unknown taking part in a riot in protest against president Trump.

Chauffeur Luis Villaroel had been driving the car on the day in question and told the jury:

I had just dropped off my passengers and had parked up at the junction of 13th Street, when I saw a group of about 100 or so protestors walk by, many of them wearing black with their faces covered. Minutes later, one of the rioters threw an open flare into the back seat of the car. I rushed to the limousine and was able to stamp out the flame as it was burning. I was very upset and angry.

Government prosecutors sought to prove that the six defendants had provided support to the riot rather than personally committing acts of violence  but the jury found them innocent of all charges. The verdict throws into doubt further trials against 150 people charged with similar acts of violence.

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