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A NEWLY RECRUITED American trucker destroyed a historic iron bridge in Indiana because she was ‘uncomfortable with reversing’.

Mary Lambright, who qualified in May last year, was driving a 53-foot trailer when she missed the exit to a truck park she had intented to stay at for the night.

Being familiar with the area, she knew of an iron bridge that would get her back to her intended destination.

According to Orange County Indiana Law enforcement, the 23-year old driver admitted knowing the bridge had a posted weight limit of six tonnes but said she was unaware that the weight of her truck was close to 30 tonnes.

She told police that she was uncomfortable reversing in the truck so made the decision to cross the bridge.

The trailer was too tall and started tearing into the bridge as soon as she started driving over it. She carried on and caused the whole bridge to collapse.

Ms Lambright has been charged with three traffic violations, including reckless operation of a tractor-trailer, disregarding a traffic control device and being overweight on a posted bridge.

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