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A LORRY carrying wooden panels was seen to fly through the air after coming off the road near to the town of Kaitaia on the North Island of New Zealand. No other vehicle was involved.

The artic landed on the vehicle’s cab as it left the road on State Highway 1, turning in the air and taking the lead truck with it.

The witness said:

I was watching from a hill above the highway as the curtain-sided truck and trailer soared through the air. It landed on its nose in a deep drain, 40m further south on the other side of the road. The trailer was left upside down across the road but fortunately there was no oncoming traffic at the time.

A police spokesman said the truck driver did not appear to be hurt and was seen walking without assistance to an ambulance that attended the scene of the accident.

The crash is the second within a matter of weeks after a truck carrying gas bottles collided with an Armourguard security van.

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