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PHC Magazine continues its look at the cab app booking market. This month we speak with riide, a network partnership of private hire and taxi operators who, although relative newcomers to the technology scene, between them have hundreds of years of experience in the cab industry…

In a nutshell, what is ride?  An app for taxi users built by taxi operators, riide Ltd is an alliance of large taxi operators whom have come together to design and build a globally accepted, market leading app which is designed to make the booking of everyday taxis to local operators seamless, regardless of which city you are in.

The alliance has reacted to current market threats and large internationals taking the heart out of the UK and Ireland taxi market whilst moving all income abroad and negating the local economies.

The riide app will network between partner firms across the UK and Ireland to provide consumers the ability to use one app for all their travel needs, encompassing all payment types.


• “Built by taxi operators for taxi users”

Who is behind the service?  As we stand today there are 14 shareholders in Riide, all of  whom are large taxi operators. These are; Blueline taxis (Newcastle), Carlton Cars (London), Data Cars (London), Go Luton (Luton), Alpha Cars ( Liverpool), Skyline taxis (Milton Keynes), Fonacab (Belfast), Lynk Taxis (Dublin), City Taxis (Sheffield), ADT (Leicester), Green Taxis (Oxford), Road Runners MECO Group (Gatwick), Club Taxis (Manchester) and Riide National App.

How long has riide been operating?  The company was registered in December 2015

What makes riide different from other booking apps?  The company purchases the white label app, which means the app is theirs and in their control – rather than some corporate vulture who takes your work and then sells it back to you.

There are no fees for any work that comes through it as this is the company’s work and will remain so!!

Why have you decided to come into the market now, given the amount of competition from similar services?  We, as operators, are seeing an increase in companies trying to take the work that we have spent decades building and then selling this work back to us for a fee.

We say that if you want to be a taxi/private hire company, by all means come and be one.  But do it on the same playing field we have to and not through the back door by trying to use our services to satisfy our customers with an attached fee to you.

We need to gain control of our industry by embracing the technology available out there.


• The ride team at cab show

What have you been doing to market the service to consumers and potential partner operators?  We attended the taxi trade show in Milton Keynes and the LPHCA event in London. We are also using extensive social media.

How many operators do you currently have on board and how many drivers do they represent?  14 operators and 12000+ cars

Are there any barriers to entry for operators wanting to sign up as a riide service partner?  At the minute we are working with the icabbi system, which we as operators rate as the best system on the market.

How many jobs are currently being booked on ride?  The app is launched in early August so, as yet, no jobs booked.

What are your growth forecasts for the next 12 months in terms of operator numbers and job count?  We expect to have a minimum of 20 shareholders and at least 50 white label app sales.

Why should operators join riide rather than another booking app?  Quite simply because they would own the app, the data and everything associated with it. As opposed to this being owned by someone else who could then charge a fee to run it and have access to an operator’s customer database.

If all goes according to script, where do you envisage riide being  in three years? The global leader in taxi app booking dispatching.

We have created an app by the operator for the operator. We aim to take control of our own trade and continue to service an industry we have serviced for decades, using the latest technology but excluding the new corporates looking to capitalise off the back of years of hard work.

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