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TAXIFY HAS suspended all ride-hail services in London just three days after it was launched in the capital.

The move comes after Transport for London (TfL) confirmed that it was, “urgently investigating” the company because, “It isn’t a licensed private hire operator and was performing it services without the necessary clearance”.

Taxify suspended its London branch after TfL told it to stop taking private hire bookings and a spokesman for the regulator said:

The law requires private hire bookings to be taken by licensed private hire operators at a licensed premises, with appropriate record keeping. Taxify is not a licensed private hire operator and is not licensed to accept private hire bookings in London. TfL has instructed Taxify to stop accepting bookings and it has done so.

Commenting on the suspension, Estonian entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Taxify Markus Villig said the company was a “technology platform” that “sources” private hire bookings for a TfL-licensed operator called City Driver Services PHV that had been acquired by the worldwide cab-booking app.


• Markus Villig

In a statement, a spokesman for Taxify added:

Taxify is a technological platform for customers to hail rides from City Drive Services, a licensed London based private hire company. This has been raised as a concern by TfL and in full co-operation, Taxify has temporarily stopped operations to clarify its legal position with the regulator and reach a resolution so that services can return to normal.

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