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MARK POLLAK, director of handheld device specialist Taxi-Logistics, believes that when it comes to smartphone technology, Google’s open source operating system, Android, is head and shoulders above its rivals.

And he says it’s not just the company’s use of catchy OS monikers like Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and (the latest) KitKat® that sets it aside from the rest of the field, listing ten reasons why he believes Android powered devices have become popular…

1: can run multiple apps simultaneously
2: can keep info visible on home screen
3: has a better app market
4: gives you better notifications
5: lets you choose your hardware
6: lets you choose your carrier
7: lets you install customised ROMS
8: lets you change your settings faster
9: does Google and Social integration
10: gives more options to budget

Speaking to PHC, Mark said: “Because Google freely distributes Android as open source software, many different manufacturers now produce a wide selection of devices running the operating system. Android is liked for its customisation abilities. For example the ability to add widgets to your home screen, download third-party apps or change the way your battery indicator is displayed.

“The fact that there are so many hardware devices to suit every budget, makes the Android platform  much better for taxi dispatch software companies to create applications on.

“And we have found that the most popular models, whether the customer is making the switch from another operating system or coming into the market as a new user, are devices like the HTC Desire C and the HTC LG 5 II E460 Optimus.

If you are a taxi or private hire business looking to upgrade your existing devices or are considering installing a new despatch system, I believe that utilising the Android OS is the best solution to maximise your investment and future-proof your business

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