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AN EPSOM WOMAN branded a “community menace” by police has been jailed for multiple offences, including; stealing money from a taxi driver, burglary, fraud and child neglect.

Gemma Davies (29) of Dalmeny Way, Epsom was sentenced to 20 months in prison at Guildford Crown Court after admitting to five thefts, two burglaries, four counts of child neglect, fraud and one count of not paying a cab fare.

Davies stole purses from elderly neighbours after asking to use their telephone and even robbed a taxi driver of his takings on the day of a previous court appearance. She was also convicted of making off without paying for another cab ride.

PC Lisa Betchley, who oversaw the investigation, said: “Gemma Davies has been nothing short of a menace to the community in the short time she has lived here.”

“Taking advantage of the goodwill of her neighbours who tried to help her after she had moved in and targeting the elderly were particularly callous acts on her part.

“It cannot be underestimated the impact these sort of offences can have on residents living in a close-knit neighbourhood, which is why we took steps to bring Davies to justice.

“I hope this reassures the public that we will act when faced with challenging individuals. And we would encourage anyone else faced with similar situations to report matters in confidence.”

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