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TWO CAB PASSENGERS have been arrested on suspicion of killing a taxi driver from Udhagamandalam in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Mr Ethiraj (62) was strangled with a cloth shawl in March. At first, detectives were unable to make any progress in identifying his murderer until recently, when city police commissioner Amalraj told his officers to look again at the case and in particular any CCTV footage that might be relevant.

Further information was provided by the district police in Palakkad and a prime suspect and his accomplice have since been arrested.

Names of the charged men have not yet been revealed but investigating officers have released information about Mr Ethiraj’s final journey when he was murdered.

A police spokesman said the taxi driver picked up the main suspect, his pregnant wife, his mother, who suffered from cancer and the second suspect and took them on a sight-seeing trip around the district.

There was a dispute over the final destination and Mr Ethiraj agreed to take the party back to Udhagamandalam.

A dispute then arose after the cabbie asked the second suspect not to spit tobacco on the floor of his vehicle.

It is believed that Mr Ethiraj asked the two men to leave the vehicle and it is alleged that he was strangled by the suspects with a shawl and his body abandoned by the side of Thadgam Road, on the way to Udhagamandalam.

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