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A LIVERPOOL cab company has formally apologised after one of its drivers refused to take a local mother and her two year old son to Alder Hay Children’s Hospital.

Joanne Nield booked a taxi with Metro Radio Cabs for herself and her son, who has cerebral palsy, but claims the cabbie refused to take her because, “There is a train strike on”.

The 35 year old mother said:

I use the taxi company all the time, but when I said I wanted to go Alder Hay, he said he couldn’t take take us and even laughed at us. He shouldn’t have taken a fare if he wasn’t prepared to travel. He obviously thought he could make more money by staying local.

Joint Metro owner John Sholicor denied his company discriminated against disabled people and said: “We carry out a lot of jobs with disabled people and have a number of contracts with special schools.

“The driver had to get to one of these contracted jobs and he took another job thinking he would have time to do a local job before it. When he arrived and was told it was Alder Hay, he said he wouldn’t be able to do it.”

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