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WEST MIDLANDS cabbie Rafaqat Ali (38) said thick winter clothes saved his life when he was repeatedly stabbed by a gang of teenage thugs.

The father-of-three was attacked as he waited in his taxi for a fare in Bristol Road South Northfield and said: “They really meant to kill me. They didn’t ask for money, they just wanted to hurt me. They were all lunging at me and were taking it in turns. I had two T -shirts on, a big jumper and a thick coat and that saved my life. My car is however full of blood.”

The 24/7 Taxis cabbie was rushed by paramedics to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and treated for multiple stab wounds and bruising to his thighs.

Recalling the incident, Mr Ali said:

I was waiting for a fare and I saw a group of lads aged around 15 to 17. One of them jumped on my windscreen and the others started to kick the door. I got out and said; ‘Come on lads, I’m just trying to make a living’. And I could have driven off, with them on my car, but I would have been in trouble if any of them had been hurt.

“I then saw lots of small knives, but I’m a big bloke and I was standing my ground and was throwing quite a few punches. But, when I saw the machetes come out, I thought, ‘That’s it, time to get in my car’.

“I was still getting kicked as I got in and drove off. Luckily, some people had seen what had happened and called the police and an ambulance.”

Mr Ali added that his two four-year old twins, Haleema and Abdul Rahim and 12 year old Halim, have since begged him not to go back to work.

Mr Ali’s sister, Raz Akhtar, said:

There’s not a part of his body that is not covered in bruises or wounds. As a family, we don’t want him to go back to work, but he has a mortgage and bills to pay.

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