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LOCAL RESIDENTS are calling for “swift action” from Essex County Council after a London taxi collided with a Nissan Micra and smashed into a flat in a block of flats in Loughton.

The hackney carriage was the second vehicle in three weeks to crash into Roding Court on Lower Park Road and local people say the council is to blame because of poor road markings and a policy to turn street lights off between 12am and 5am.Roding Court image

The taxi, which had a passenger on board, left the road and crashed into the building, leaving four people injured. The back seat cab passenger had to be freed by firefighters and three people were taken to Whipps Cross Hospital with head and neck injuries. A hospital spokesman said none of the injuries was life-threatening.

Mike Tonkin (29) described what happened when the taxi crashed through the window in his living room. “I was in bed and me and my girlfriend were both sound asleep.

“I then woke up with a bang and got up to see a set of headlights in my living room. It was a bit of a shock I will admit. It is only 12 or 13 days since the last awful accident, over the road at 4 o’clock in the morning.

“It was quite scary. I know that there are issues with the street lighting but people are also flying up and down here too. The road opposite has no markings and no one knows where the road ends. Something really needs to be done.”

Naheed Saddique (40) who also lives in roding Court said: “Swift action really needs to be taken. The first thing I knew about it was when my neighbour knocked on my door, saying that there was a car in his house.

“It is really worrying for all of us who live here. I have a three year old son. The Upper Park Road and Lower Park Road junction is an accident hotspot because there are no clear road markings.

“The street lights on this road need to be kept on. My job is managing energy for a large company and I know that keeping lights on this road would only cost them a few pounds. I am just afraid that someone is going to end up getting killed.”


If the road has no markings where it should be and is worn out, then Essex County Council should be held legally responsible for all the damages. I am sick of these councils who can’t be bothered to repaint white linings on roads, but all too quick to repaint yellow lines as it earns them cash. These councils are greedy at giving out fines to people, but when it comes down to road maintenance, like pot holes and white lines, they could not give a monkeys.

There is no excuse for these sort of ‘accidents’. As the resident said, ‘people come flying up and down here’. When people drive too fast for the road conditions, ‘accidents’ happen. Except they are not accidents. They are collisions because they would have been perfectly avoidable had the drivers not been driving inappropriately.

It’s good to talk
Might help if they put the streets lights back on….

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