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THE LICENSED TAXI Drivers’ Association (LTDA) has been forced to change the posters on its advert vans after Transport for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan Police complained about the unauthorised use of their official logos. 

The poster featured statistics of alleged sex assaults by minicab and Uber drivers and gave the impression it was officially endorsed by the police and TfL.

A taxi driver and commentator involved in the design of the LTDA poster said:

The response (to the poster) from the public, the cab trade and responsible companies in the minicab industry was fantastic.

“However, I was served with legal letters from Uber’s lawyers, TfL and the Metropolitan Police.

“Uber allege that the advert is defamatory and misleading while TfL and the Met are jolly upset that I used their logos and are threatening me with imprisonment for unauthorised use.

“The truth is that TfL and the Met have completely lost control over what is happening on the streets and when questioned about these issues, prefer to blame the LTDA for allegedly using their logos in a safety warning message to the public!”

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