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TAXI DRIVERS blame a drop in fares at Ashford Train Station on a decision by the local authority to move their waiting area to a nearby car park.

Cabbies have been told to wait in the Stour Centre car park, instead of outside International House, and wait for a CCTV screen to tell them when the station rank has an empty space.

Taxi drivers are not happy though and Sue Whybrow (59), hackney carriage representative, said:

We are angry about the new parking arrangements as we think that we are now too far away from the station.

People are coming out of the station wanting a taxi but not knowing where we are. Drivers are watching the CCTV and moving over from the Stour Centre, but by the time they get there, some of the people coming out of the station have already gone.

Mrs Whybrow said Ashford Borough Council had failed to properly consult the drivers but councillor Brad Bradford said the rank change was necessary.

He added: “These vital works will improve the appearance, safety, accessibility and flow of traffic around the station for everyone. We hope that relocating the taxis away from the forecourt will reduce congestion and offer a safer route for those on foot.”

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