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CHINA’S TOP luxury car maker, Red Flag, also known as Hongqi, has launched the country’s first limousine vehicle the public can buy.

Red Flag has been making luxury cars for high-ranking government officials since ten stretch limos, modelled on a Chrysler model, took part in China’s National Day Parade in October 1959.

The limousine became known as a symbol of the country’s industrial progress and the brand was soon the car-of-choice for top Communist Party bureaucrats. The new 3.4 metre long version, known as the L5Y, now comes with a selection of 50 customisable services, including an infotainment system with screens on the back of the luxury leather seats. 

The 20-foot long vehicle car has a six litre engine, outputs 408 horsepower, with a six-speed  automatic gearbox and has a top speed of around 80mph. The design also features an image of a  golden sunflower in the middle of the steering wheel, an ancient Chinese emblem symbolising long life and good luck.

The first range of vehicles will be limited to just 100 cars and cost six million yuan (£665,000) each.

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