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NEW YORK governor Andrew Cuomo is demanding the right to levy a fee on ‘For-Hire’ vehicles that drive into Manhattan in a bid to reduce traffic flow and raise money for the city’s subway system.

A state task force called Fix NYC has been ordered to come up with a solution to the island’s congested streets and a congestion charge plan is expected to be put before the NYC’s State Legislature in the next few weeks.

New York congested traffic

Congested traffic in Manhattan

Peter Ajemian, a spokesman for Mr Cuomo, said:

The governor has been clear that we need to reduce gridlock, cut emission and fund mass transit. Which is why he has empowered Fix NYC to explore all available options.

The move to charge ‘For-Hire’ vehicles to drive in Manhattan comes after a steep rise in the number of vehicles driving onto the island each day. A spokesman for the Taxi & Limousine Commission said: “About 103,000 ‘For-Hire’ vehicles operate in the city, more than double the 47,000 in 2013. Of those, 65,000 are affiliated with Uber. In contrast, Yellow Taxis are capped by city law at just under 13,600.”

Chanse Gierbolini (27), a baker in Lower Manhattan, said: “You’ll see an entire row of Lyft and Uber drivers on the streets waiting to pick people up. It seems like everyone is driving the same black sedan, they’re everywhere.”

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