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CHICAGO CITY Council is facing possible legal action after it accused a number of limousine party vehicle firms of “operating illegally”.

Town hall bosses announced a crackdown on dodgy companies but several publicly-named firms are now looking to launch a class action lawsuit.

Chicago-Cloud-9-LimoChicago Cloud 9 Limo were one of the 17 party bus firms accused of working outside the law by the city’s Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection and owner Dan Cosma said:

I have met with a number of other operators (on the ‘operating illegally’ list) and we have met with a lawyer to look at launching a possible class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

I actually went down to city hall after the news reports first came out, to try and reason with them to reconsider the names on the list, but no one seemed to know what was going on.

They need to figure out who is actually doing something illegal and who is following the rules, because of the limo party firms on their list, two don’t even exist.

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