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LIVERPOOL CAB firm Delta has released the photo of a journey receipt after it became caught up in a dispute over the cost of a taxi trip. A 61 year old cleaner was reportedly left in tears after she claimed she was forced to pay £14 for her regular £4 ride from Kensington to the city centre.

A spokesman for Delta said the company was, “insistant” that the woman had only been charged £4 but she and her employer were equally sure she was charged £14.

In response, the Liverpool taxi company has tweeted a photo of what they say is the receipt for the contested journey and are adamant they are in the right.

The cab driver who took the cleaner also insisted he had not overcharged the 61 year old woman and said: “I picked her up and the journey was clocked at £4.10 and I gave her a receipt with my name, driver number and the £4.10 price on it. She paid £4. I have worked for the company for three-and-a-half years and I have never overcharged anyone.”

The cleaner’s employer is adamant she is also telling the truth and said: “I have spoken with her again and she is adamant that she paid £14. I would say though that since this was first reported, Delta has been very good and offered to book her a taxi to get to work.

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