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LONDON MAYOR BORIS Johnson’s proposal to cap the number of private hire vehicles in London did not make it into the Queen’s Speech on the government’s legislative programme for the next parliament.

Mr Johnson is determined however to push for a legal limit on the number of minicabs in the capital. A spokesman said: “The mayor is absolutely committed to addressing the issues of the rising number of private hire vehicles and of unregulated pedicabs in the capital.

“The mayor will be seeking new legislation as a matter of urgency to deliver these changes and his discussions with the government continue.”

Mr Johnson claims that an increase in the number of minicabs on the streets of London is to blame for a rise in congestion, pollution and illegal parking.

The mayor added: “We must be able to take action against the threat posed by the massive increase in the number of private hire vehicles.

“There are only 25,000 black cabs and 8,000 buses in London and yet over 75,000 minicabs. We are starting to see a real threat to the free movement of traffic on the roads of London.”

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