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A TAXI COMPANY in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, has come under fire after it failed to send a vehicle to pick up an anti-atomic power politician.

A telephonist from the un-named taxi firm refused to send a cab to take Liberal Democrat Party lawmaker Masatoshi Akimoto to the Tsuruga nuclear power plant.

According to a spokesman from the cab company, the employee took the request from the Office of the House of Representatives politician and then checked the website of the anti-nuclear power representative.

The firm said it was now looking at disciplining the member of staff who it says acted on his own. Mr Akimoto, a lawmaker from Chiba Prefecture, said he had not yet received an apology from the cab company and added:

“Taxis are part of the public transportation system and they shouldn’t refuse providing service because of my political stance.”

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