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THE NATIONAL Limo Association (NLA) of the United States of America has called on president Trump to protect the driving jobs of millions of workers.

NLA co-founder Scott Solombrino said he felt moved to put pen to paper after Uber said it would only be a successful commercial business once, “drivers are no longer in the picture”.

Scott-SolombrinoMr Solombrino added:

Mister President, I have been encouraged by your commitment to the prosperity of the American worker. As you are aware, our country was founded on the principal that hard-working Americans have a set of protections afforded to them by law, and that all reasonable efforts will be made to keep people employed who have a desire and ability to work.

While it is important that we champion new and advantageous technology that allows our country to remain a model for the rest of the world, it is also important that we require operators to remain part of the equation.

“I call on you to make sure that the men and women who voted for you are well represented throughout all stages of this process. To put it simply, drivers are voters, computers are not and I urge you to speak out on this issue and come to the aid of hard-working American drivers.”


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