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CABBIES IN THE Big Apple released a 2018 drivers’ calendar last month to raise money for charity and boost their profile.

Husband-and-wife team Phil and Shannon Kirkman are the brains behind the tongue-in-cheek NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar and came up with the idea after they saw a similar one on sale from the firefighters of New York.

Another reason, according to Mr Kirkman, was that:

You never get to know the driver of a Yellow Cab in New York. You get in a taxi and they’re facing forward and that is the sort of experience you have with your driver. So we saw this as an opportunity to shine a positive light on them and the industry that they work in.

A percentage of the sales of each of the $14.99 calendar goes to the University Settlement charity, that helps low-income immigrants in New York. Kirkman added: “This makes sense as the majority of NYC cabbies are immigrants.”

Eleven men and one woman in a variety of poses are featured in the calendar and include a shirtless driver licking the icing off a cake with his picture on it and another topless cabbie in a Chippendale-style bowtie, leaning against a vintage Checker taxi.

Mr November, Terry Samlall (above), is seen draping his hand over the steering wheel of his cab as the hand of a female passenger from the back tucks a $100 dollar bill into his mesh T-shirt.

The 46 year New York City taxi driver said he enjoyed taking part in the making of the calendar, adding: “Unfortunately, I don’t get tips that big in real life!”

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