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MEMBER OF Parliament for Dagenham and Rainham, Jon Cruddas has called for the number of minicabs in London to be restricted in an attempt to tackle congestion and the high level of pollution.

The Labour East London MP said: “I have many constituents who are black cab drivers and there is frustration about the effects of  the lack of effective licensing by Transport for London.”

Mr Cruddas added:

There has been a dramatic effect on the livelihoods of many of of my constituents and their families and there are implications for passenger safety across the country.

Many cab drivers I know have had their income slashed in the past few years and many are now looking at leaving the trade for good. That is tragic for some of the most qualified taxi drivers on the planet and for the iconic black hackney carriage in this city. This is a big debate.

A spokesman for Uber said: “Capping consumer choice is not the way to tackle congestion and air pollution but new technology can be part of the answer. More than half the miles travelled with UberX in London are in hybrid or fully electric cars and our car-sharing option UberPOOL is also saving mileage and emissions.

“It is also a shame that nothing is being asked about why black cabs are the only vehicles that are exempted from the mayor’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone.“This is particularly surprising since Transport for London figures show that black taxis are responsible for 18 per cent of road transport nitrogen oxide emissions in Central London.”

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