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MEMBER OF parliament for Thurrock, Jackie Doyle-Price (below), is calling for new regulations after a number of Uber drivers licensed by TfL were found working in the Gateway district of Essex.

She said: “To qualify for a licence, you have to be judged as being a fit and proper person. And I am aware that there are at least three individuals who have had their application for a taxi licence declined by Thurrock Council, who were subsequently awarded licences by TfL to offer Uber services.

Jackie-Doyle-PriceMs Doyle-Price added:

It is compromising the licensing regime operated very effectively by Thurrock Council and that gives me concerns about public safety.

The law isn’t fit for purpose and needs reform. It was passed in 1831, when hackney carriages were pulled by horses and it predates the motorcar, let alone the smartphone. In the meantime, I choose not to use Uber. I have never used one and don’t intend to start, no matter how much cheaper they are.

A Thameside Taxis cab driver, who gave his name as Paul, said: “I think this is a big issue and my main concern is for the safety of passengers in Thurrock.

“As taxi drivers, we have to go on a Child Sexual Exploitation course and also have to comply with Thurrock Council’s regulations. Uber just operate outside the law.”

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