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A JOURNALIST from Chile fell foul of a Moscow taxi driver who charged him 50 times what the cab fare should have been.

Diego Saez (38) from Radio ADN was asked to pay 50,000 rubles ($900) for a one hour ride from the Domodedovo Airport in South Moscow to his hotel in the city centre.

Saez said he was tired after flying overnight from Romania and did not think to check the amount he had been charged. A colleague said 5,000 rubbles would have been a more reasonable fee.

Mr Saez said:

I then started to argue with the taxi driver to get my money back, but he insisted I pay the full fare.

The Chilean journalist took a photograph of the taxi driver’s numberplate and with the help of his hotel manager and the police, tracked down the cheating cabbie. The un-named taxi driver returned all of Mr Saez’s money after an interview at a local police station.

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