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TWO AMERICAN tourists from Houston were charged $777.44 for a journey from Miami International Airport which should have cost no more than $70.

Eugene and Carol Barrington had a day to explore Miami before setting off on the Celebrity Equinox cruise boat for a holiday on the south coast of the USA and hailed a cab to the Crowne Plaza in Hallendale Beach.

The Barringtons said they began to have doubts when the female cabbie did not take the obvious exit from the airport and then asked Carol to use her mobile phone’s GPS to guide the taxi to the hotel the couple were staying at.

Eugene gave his credit card to the driver to pay but she had no reader and instead, swiped it against a little white square attached to her mobile phone. The Barringtons only realised they had been conned when they got home after their holiday and saw a charge for $777.44 on the day they had taken the taxi.

Luis Espinoza of the Miami Department of Transport & Public Works said: “Without a cab number or at least a company name, it is not easy to prove an overcharge. But, if Mrs Barrington submits a request for a refund, and we encourage her to do so, then we will look into it.”

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