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INVERNESS DELIVERY COMPANY AJG Parcels has been taken over by Menzies Distribution.

The distribution arm of logistics giant John Menzies say the acquisition will help them break into the e-commerce parcel market, focusing on the hard-to-reach areas that make up AJG’s client base.

AJG services delivered just 20 parcels a day when it was first set up in 1994 and now has 140 staff and over 100 GPS-equipped vehicles which deliver in excess of 9,000 parcels a day in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Forsyth Black, managing director of Menzies Distribution, said: “The purchase of AJG is an important step in our ongoing journey to build on our newspaper and magazine distribution business.”

“It is significant because it allows us to participate in the fast-growing market of parcel delivery and collection.

“The acquisition further underlines our appeal to companies seeking cost-efficient deliveries to the North and rural West of Scotland”

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