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Cycling enthusiasts from Kuala Lumpur have launched Malaysia’s first cycle courier service.

Jordi Arif bin Rahman, Farid Rahmat and Aedewan Adnan figured that after years of deliveries being made on motorbikes, the capital was ready for a more eco-friendly messenger service. And so, Vélo Express KL was born.

He said:

“Before this, there was no bicycle messenger service in Malaysia. You can find it in Singapore and Indonesia but not here, so we thought, why not start one?

“It is really important, especially for the environment. It’s not just something we do for a living, it also contributes towards Mother Nature,”

The company employs nine messengers serving the city centre, Ampang and  Bangsar  and has plans to expand the network further.

Customers are already impressed by the speed in which things can be delivered when the courier isn’t stuck in traffic jams.

Farid said:

“Just today I delivered something to a client and I did it within 30 minutes even though our promise was to deliver within the hour. My customer was very impressed by it.”

“The main objective of creating a bicycle messenger service is to raise awareness that cycling can be used as a mode of transport,” he added. “We commute every day on bicycles and it is our main mode of transport.”

“We simply want to promote a city that cycles.” said Jordi.

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