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A 60 YEAR OLD man from Oldham has been sent to prison for eight months after he pretended to sell his vehicle to a fictional motorist to cover up a string of speeding offences.

Mohammed Khawaja pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to five counts of perverting the course of justice and one of providing false information.

A vehicle owned by the Oldham taxi driver was photographed breaking the speed limit five times between June and December 2013.

But on receipt of the penalty charge notices (PCNs), he claimed to have sold the Ford Focus car caught on camera to a Mr Mohammed Saleem in June 2013.

The notice of intended prosecution was sent to an unoccupied house after Mr Khawaja made fraudulent changes to the car’s registration document.

The taxi driver’s lies were only uncovered when a family moved into the house and sent back the PCNs

Detectives investigating the case found that Mr Khawaja’s sat nav system proved he had been driving the Ford Focus after he claimed to have sold it.

A council cab licensing officers also saw him behind the wheel of the car after the date of the ‘sale’.

Police constable Vaughan Sherrah-Davies said: “Khawaja concocted an elaborate scheme and invented a totally fictitious person to whom he claimed he sold the car, just to wiggle out of the offences.

“It is highly unlikely he will ever drive a taxi again and must be wondering if it was really worth it, just to avoid a fine and a few points on his licence.”

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