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TAXI RIDES in Tokyo are set to fall on January 30 in a bid to attract more business from foreign tourists and the elderly.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport (MOT) said the new base rate in Tokyo and the suburban cities of Musashino and Mitaka will go down from Y380 (£2.61) to 410Y (£2.81) for the first 1.052km.

The new fare will match the starting tariff of Y730 (£5) at 2km but will go up when a trip is 6.5km or longer.

The MOT spokesman added:

In other words, short trips will become cheaper, but longer trips will get more expensive.

A spokesman for the Nihon Kotsu taxi company said: “Using a taxi in Tokyo has been pricey for short distance travellers when compared to other cities like New York and London. By making the rate closer to that of other foreign cities, we hope to attract more foreign tourists to use our service.”

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