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A STUDY by cab insurance broker insureTAXI shows that hackney and private hire (PHV) drivers in Liverpool are having to work longer hours just to, “make ends meet”.

The average cabbie on the Mersey drives 27,485 miles a year while at work and takes around 95 fares a week – up 35 since a similar survey in 2013.

LONGER HOURS  Over 30 per cent of the 1,000 taxi and PHV drivers who took part in the study said they worked longer hours than in 2013 with 45 per cent blaming the rise on the increase in drivers licensed by the City of Liverpool.

In an average week, a Liverpool cabbie works 43 hours and earns £316 – an hourly rate of £7.35, which is just £0.65 above the national minimum wage.

Drivers can also expect to receive an average tip of 68p per journey which adds up to around £64.60 in tips each week.

RISING COSTS – The study by insureTAXI showed that on average, a Liverpool cabbie spent £100 a week on fuel, £91 a month on vehicle maintenance and £1,901 a year on taxi insurance, giving a yearly expenses total of £8,193.

Thirty five per cent of the taxi drivers questioned said that the rising cost of their profession was their greatest concern.

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