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TAXI CABBIES and Uber drivers have received praise for giving free and discounted cab journeys to those helping the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in West London.

Messages posted on social media told of hackney carriage and Uber drivers offering free trips to firefighters and to volunteers who were delivering food and provisions to those affected by the tragedy.

One woman wrote on Facebook:

A big shout out to the London cabbie who’s just taken all the bags of clothes, toiletries etc we had collected at work for the Grenfell Tower victims and is taking everything to a drop-off point free of charge.

Another passenger Tweeted their appreciation of an Uber driver who gave up part of the fare. They wrote: “Shout out to my amazing Uber driver Naim, who when realising the trip was to take donations over to Grenfell, split the fare with me.’

One Twitter user wrote: “In a cab because my donations are so heavy and my driver just decided to drive me for free to join in the volunteering.” While another taxi driver advertised his services for free on social media and offered to give free lifts to those visiting friends and family in hospital.

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