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A MERSEYSIDE taxi driver was left with a “horrific injury” after a brick was thrown through a side window of his hackney cab vehicle.

The 55 year old man, who asked not to be named, said he crashed his taxi into a set of railings near to the Belle Vale Shopping Centre after a brick smashed through his passenger side window and hit him in the face.

The cab driver’s daughter said her father was knocked unconscious in the attack and can only remember being shaken awake by a passer-by who stopped to help.

The 22 year old woman said:

When I first saw him I was crying and in total shock. He can’t remember what happened but the woman who helped him said she saw a group of kids and that it was them that threw the brick.It really is quite horrible what they have done. His eye is so swollen and he can’t see out if it at all.

Thankfully the doctors don’t think there will be any permanent damage to his eyesight but he was in a lot of pain and for a while, he could not see out of one of them at all.

“And my mum said it could have been a lot worse. He could have crashed into another car or person but thankfully, he just crashed into the railings and didn’t have any passengers in his taxi at the time. These people need to be caught because we think whoever did this is very  likely to do it again.”

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