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A MERSEYSIDE woman was left lying unconscious on the ground after a dispute with a local taxi driver.

Hairdresser Kayleigh Dixon (29), her boyfriend Chris Mahaffy (30), his sister and two friends were returning home to Speke after a night out and had agreed to pay the cabbie £30 upfront for their journey.

Mr Mahaffy alleges the driver then demanded more money and said:

He turned around and said that because there was five of us, he actually wanted £40. He was very angry and aggressive. We decided to leave his vehicle but he did not appear to notice that Kayleigh was still getting out of the cab.

The taxi driver then drove off, dragging Miss Dixon several meters along Dale Street, leaving her lying unconscious on the road. Mr Mahaffy said he chased after the cab driver, who still had his doors open, but claimed he drove off at speed through a red traffic light.

He added: “Kayleigh had banged her head and was out cold in the street and I thought, ‘Oh my god, he’s killed her’. “I was shaking with anger and just hope that the police find him and that he gets dealt with properly.”

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