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A YOUNG GIRL’S birthday treat was ruined after a luxury vehicle hired by her mother turned out to be a “clapped out limousine”.

Debbie Henderson (43) paid £200 for a stretch limo to pick up her daughter Alice-May and friends from a beauty parlour but claims the vehicle was a “run-down dirty and dented limo”.

She said: “There was a cracked window, wine bottles left behind by a previous customer, junk like soft drink cups, oil diesel cans, even loose wires. It was so dangerous for kids.”

The carpets were filthy and pulled up and the smell of the fuel was so bad, we were all coughing.

Ms Henderson said she ordered a pink Hummer from the Compare Limousines website, which passed it on to a local firm, for the ride from the Metrocentre in Gateshead, but the car that turned up was black and white.

Ms Henderson added:

I will never trust another limo company again.

A spokesman for the website said that the complaint was “exaggerated” and that the girls had been “having a good time and singing along to music.”

As for the window and fumes: “It was only a little crack and there was hardly any smell at all.”

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