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SIXTY ONE YEAR old chauffeur Mike “Mad” Hughes was forced to postpone his homemade rocket launch – to ‘prove’ the earth is flat – after the Californian Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said he did not have the right paperwork.

Mr Hughes had planned to launch his $20,000 projectile from “Rocket Ranch” in California last month after investor Albert Okura bought the property rights to the ghost town of Amboy.

The limousine driver believed he was okay to go ahead with the launch, as it was on private land, but the BLM said otherwise. A spokesman said: “The BLM has a permitting process for receational activity and Mr Hughes has been made aware of this process by the local field office. We are ready to work with Mr Hughes on his permit if we receive an official request from him.”

Mike is philosophical about the delay of his dream project to prove the earth is flat and said he was amused at the global media coverage he had received:

This is all just nuts but I guess it’s supposed to be. I’ve had people say that I’m a fraud and I’ve had a lot of people email me to say, ‘You’re going to die’. It’s just been crazy, but I’m moving forward. I’m a daredeveil and I’m not much for rules or authority.

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