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Daniel Tonkopiy’s passion for electric-powered vehicles, together with the long delivery times suffered by businesses in Kiev, spurred the Kazakhstan-born entrepreneur to start a one-hour delivery service in Ukraine’s capital city.

With an investment of just $1,000, Delfast was launched last October and by the year’s end had broke even.

The company now processes 100 orders daily by 30 couriers with access to 33 electric bikes.

Although electric-bike deliveries are novel to Ukrainian cities, more than 25 internet stores already have corporate accounts with the rapidly expanding business, and in February, the startup gained a $250,000 capital injection from the venture fund Imperious Group.

Tonkopiy and his business partner Serhiy Denysenko are very ‘hands on’ and often deliver goods themselves.

“Without participating in this work, it is impossible to ‘feel’ the market.

“You cannot understand the work of couriers and dispatchers in the smallest details unless you try doing it yourself,” Tonkopiy said.

Besides his interest in creating a commercial success, Tonkopiy delights in the fact that his business isn’t polluting Kiev’s air any further.

He added: “Every project demands a lot of love and fun. I like to ride electric bikes myself, so this affection also adds to why I plan to popularise the service.”

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