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THOUSANDS OF drivers and operators will head to Milton Keynes over the next few days as the taxi and private hire industry take over the Arena MK for the PHTM Expo. It will be the second time in its 23 year history that the show has been held in Bedfordshire, having previously been staged at the Millbrook Proving Ground in 2015.

PHTM-Show-staff• Staff at the 2015 show

The event will include displays by over 65 exhibitors, promoting a broad spectrum of products and services, while industry experts host a series of trade seminars and a panel of guests from trade associations, government departments and licensing authorities field questions on their specialist subjects.

Event organisers say the theme of the show is ‘change’. With this in mind, Wim Faber, director of Taxi Research Network and managing editor of the Taxi Intelligence Platform, will be travelling over from Belgium to deliver a keynote speech on SWOT analysis and international developments.

He will be outlining the positive trends often overlooked by a trade too preoccupied with the threat of trans-national corporations like Uber and the not-too-distant introduction of autonomous vehicles, to spot potential opportunities.

PHTM EXPO 2016 is open today and tomorrow (18th and 19th May) from 10am, at the Arena MK, Stadium Way, Milton Keynes MK1 1ST

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