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Footage of a car driver ‘brake checking’ in front of a 44-tonne artic lorry has been uploaded onto the website.

The shocking video shows a Renault Captur undertaking the lorry before pulling out in front of it and hitting the brakes so hard that it forced the driver to swerve into the next lane.

The HGV driver, whose fast reactions meant a serious collision was avoided, said:

“It was my first day in my new job.  If I was still driving for my old company I wouldn’t have been so worried, but I was driving a brand new truck and didn’t want to damage it.”

The Renault driver brakes hard in front of the lorry two more times on the busy M8 before leaving the motorway.

The authorities will use the video to trace the driver and a spokesperson confirmed that if found, action will be taken against them.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We will attempt to trace the driver of the vehicle and if we find the driver they will be reported to the procurator fiscal.”

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