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AMERICAN LORRY drivers are being given advice on how to identify vulnerable people who they suspect are being bought and sold against their will.

Human slavery is a $150-billion-a-year global criminal market and Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is hoping that drivers can help to stop this illegal trade of abuse and exploitation.


Truckers Against Trafficking

TAT operations director Laura Cyrus said:

The red flags of human trafficking might not be obvious at first. But, a closer look into the faces and activities at truck stops, highway motels and rest areas across the country can reveal the victimisation of countless woman, men and even children.

There’s the strung-out boy who never leaves the sight of a controlling older man. Or the teenage girl, branded with a tattoo on the back of a neck. Or simply a distressed face glimpsed peering out from behind a darkened window.

“Because they are constantly travelling and stopping at destinations also used by traffickers, transportation professionals can make a real difference. Already trained to be aware of their surroundings, when truckers know how to identify potential human trafficking victims and how to get them to help, we know they can save lives.”

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