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The instant motorbike delivery service offered by GrabTaxi is now open for business in Thailand’s capital Bangkok after a four week trial period.

The GrabBike app matches users with motorcyclists to deliver goods, parcels and even passengers – on demand and round-the-clock.

Users open a GrabBike session on the GrabTaxi app and then detail the pick-up and drop-off addresses.

Motorcyclists are invited to ‘grab’ a request and once they have received a job, the user is sent their details, including name, photo, vehicle licence details, and phone number.

Users can then follow the progress of their parcel with real-time tracking and share the route with the receiver at the destination address.

GrabBike claim that most goods that can be carried on a motorcycle will be accepted. And promises to get a courier to the user within 15 minutes of being called through the app.  GrabBike take 15 per cent of the cost of each delivery.

Bangkok is the fourth city where the service has been rolled out, after Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Jakarta,

GrabBike claims it has already delivered parcels to more than 500,000 customers in Indonesia since it started the business earlier this year in May.

Motorbikes make up one third of the Bangkok vehicle fleet and the GrabBike app could offer an alternative, freelance career for many Thais.

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