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THE NEW ZEALAND Government limousine fleet has come under fire after it was revealed that chauffeurs broke the speed limit 3,900 times from January to July in 2015 but only received 13 penalty charge notices from traffic police officers.

Harley Spence of VIP Transport, which provides vehicles and drivers for the Government’s car fleet, could not explain the low number of speeding tickets.

Mr Spence said:

I don’t know why this is the case. You’d have to refer that to where the police are stationing their radar. I don’t have any comment or influence about where the police station their speeding radars.

Critics however are not convinced. Dog & Lemon motoring website editor Clive Matthew-Wilson said that speeding by government limousines was, “completely hypocritical behaviour”.

He said: “These are the same politicians that lecture us on a weekly basis about the need to observe the speed limit, but hey, they’re exempt because they’re at the top, right.”

If it’s good enough for the rest of us to get tickets when we go a few kilometres over the speed limit, it’s good enough for them to get tickets.

Mr Spence said that incorrect GPS data, released under a freedom of information request, might be to blame, but Mr Matthew-Wilson was not convinced.

“GPS data for things like speed is usually quite accurate. We’ve tested these units and they’re normally quite accurate about things like speed. They can’t really say that the GPS is wrong.”

Mr Spence said he had confidence in the professionalism of his drivers but added: “We’re also having conversations to reinforce that they are indeed delivering a safe and secure service.”

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