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INDIAN TOURIST operators say the installation of taximeters should help to stem the tide of complaints against cabbies who overcharge visitors on holiday to the former Portuguese colony of Goa.

Savio Messias, president of the Travel & Tourism of Goa (TTAG), said: “All taxi drivers are not cheaters, but unfortunately in recent years the number of cases of charging at inflated rates has been growing. Go to any travel portal or booking site and you will see numerous complaints listed there.”

Mr Messias added:

We feel that meters are necessary as it is one of the methods which can help to bring some sense and discipline to Goa’s taxi trade. The TTAG was peeved with the government as it kept postponing its decision to introduce meters, as we were getting complaints from all over the country and the world about the fleecing of tourists, which was giving Goa a very bad name.

A spokesman for the South Goa Tourist Taxi Association said: “We have assured the government of our co-operation in the installation of fare meters for our vehicles, provided the state protect the interests of taxi operators in Goa.

“We have never disagreed with the government over the installation of meters and have asked for official rates to be displayed outside hotels so that conflicts can be avoided.”

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