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A MAINTENANCE worker for Bath & North East Somerset Council was handed a fixed penalty charge notice after he parked his truck on a city centre cab rank for three hours.

The council worker ignored requests to move his vehicle and even continued to eat his lunch in the truck after a parking ticket was fixed to his windscreen.

One taxi driver said:

The council has moved the rank because of the construction work going on at the Abbey but this lorry was parked right at the front of the rank. He was given a ticket and the guy was there for at least three hours, even though taxi drivers asked him to move because he was taking up three spaces. It wasn’t just the van either, it also had a trailer, which made it even worse. It meant that several drivers were not able to get on the rank and had to circle around or park somewhere else.

“What I want to know is, who is going to pay the ticket? Is it going to be the taxpayer or will the driver be paying the fine?”

A spokesman for Bath & North East Somerset Council said the driver of the highways maintenance vehicle would be liable for the parking fine and not the local authority.

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