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EX-ORLANDO CITY Soccer Club star David Polk (25) has been arrested in Seminole County after he allegedly punched a licensed cabbie in the face over a fare dispute.

A deputy of the Sheriff’s Office said Mr Polk has been accused of punching the taxi driver repeatedly, causing injuries to his mouth and teeth.

Deputies had been alerted to an incident at a block of flats at Island Shore Lane and found the cabbie standing next to his vehicle with blood stains on his clothes.

The driver told police officers he had picked up Polk and another man from downtown Orlando and that the two men had disputed the cost of the journey when they arrived in Lake Mary.

A local resident called 911 after they saw  the cabbie bleeding on the ground and he later accused Polk of hitting him in the face and jaw.

The football star was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery and taken to Seminole County Jail, where he was later released after posting a bail bond of $15,000.

Communications manager for Orlando City said:

Orlando City SC is aware of and will continue to monitor the situation. However, because the incident occurred after Polk’s contract expired following the conclusion of OCB’s season, the club will not issue any further comment.

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